Three Italian cities are well known all over the world for excellence in jewelry arts: Arezzo, Vicenza and Valenza Pò. They are as crown jewels of Italy.

The story of art and jewellery in Arezzo started in VI century A.C., when Etruschi (an ancient people who lived in that area) was able to create beautiful gold object that nowadays we can admire in the wonderful museums of Arezzo and of the nearby city of Cortona.

In recent times the artisan workshops of Arezzo specialized in the magnificent religious silver production.

The 14th century, with its emphasis on craft and guild (a 1339 statute recognize the goldsmiths fraglia, or guild) crowned the Italian city of Vicenza as a prominent center of the jewelry arts, and made its jewelers’ guild a political force among the nobles and merchants.

Already In those ancient days, the important venetian nobility was aware of the great skill of those artisans.

The history of goldsmith in Valenza Po’ goes back 150 years ago. Before first world war in Valenza there were 40 “botteghe”, small artisan workshops, well known and flourishing. After the second world war in Valenza Pò the small workshops become 300 small enterprises, and nowadays this city is the center of an important district that includes other 8 small cities.

Every year, our specialists personally select from the best handcraft smithies of those three cities, wonderful jewels executed by the capable hands of the heirs of this ancient tradition, choosing only from the top quality production.