The personal information that the user (hereafter ‘Interested Party’) communicates when navigating this website will be used in a correct and transparent way, for licit purposes. Their privacy and rights will be safeguarded according to European Community legislation on the protection of personal information (Reg. UE 2016/679). This document does not cover services offered through other websites which might be visited by the interested party through the links that can be found on this website. The treatment and use of personal data will be carried out with the following aims and methods.

1. Title Holder of the information process. According to the cited legislation, the Title Holder of the service is the company Gioielleria Gonella, located at Cannaregio 327, 30121 Venezia, email:

2. Object of the information process. The Title Holder will process the personal information provided by the Interested Party by completing the online form found in the website (name, surname, birth date, address, fiscal code, email) exclusively for the purposes indicated in this privacy policy.

3. Purpose and legal basis of the information process. The general purposes for which personal information is processed by the Title Holder can be summarized in the following way: a) to allow the Title Holder to follow up on a message sent by the Interested Party (‘Contact us’ section); legal basis: the Interested Party has given their consent. b) to allow the Title Holder to handle a purchase request sent by the Interested Party (‘Shop on line’ section); legal basis: execution of a contractual agreement of which the Interested Party is a part.

4. Categories of personal information that is processed. The information that is treated will be that described in point 2 above: the essential minimum for the requested and/or authorised purposes.

5. Recipients or possible categories of recipients of the personal information. The information provided by the Interested Party will be made accessible to: the Title Holder’s employees and collaborators; administrative offices and credit institutions; companies employed to give IT support to the Title Holder (information network, website); professionals with whom the Title Holder collaborates to meet its administrative, legal and fiscal obligations; companies that manage electronic payments; companies that take care of the delivery of purchased products. The information will not be disseminated and will be treated in an organised and logical way in relation to the objectives described above.

6. Modality in which the information will be processed. The treatment of the information by the designated business structures will be carried out using suitable tools to guarantee security and privacy and may be effected, not only with analogical instruments, but also using automated instruments (both computers and the internet) designed to memorise, manage, and transmit the data. The management and conservation of Interested Parties’ personal information will be carried out on the Title Holder’s server, sited inside the European Union and/or servers belonging to employed companies. There will be no exchange of the personal information outside of the EU territory.

7. Storage period. The Title Holder will use the personal information provided for the time required to fulfill the objectives described above, and in particular: a) the email address provided in the form found in the ‘Contact us’ section will be used only to follow up any messaged sent by the Interested Party and will be deleted once the correspondence has been concluded. b) the information shared during the purchase process (name, surname, birth date, address, fiscal code, mail address) will be stored according to the following indications; – the email address will be stored until the purchased items have been delivered, to allow the Title Holder to contact the Interested Party should that be necessary; – the other information (name, address, and fiscal code) will be stored for a period of 10 days after the termination of the contract as required by law.

8. Rights of the Interested Party. The Interested Party has the following rights: a) the right to access their personal information (once the Title Holder has received confirmation from the Interested Party that that information may be processed by the Title Holder); b) the right to amend and revise their personal information; c) the right to delete their personal information; d) the right to limit the use of their personal information; e) the right to receive their personal information from the Title Holder in a structured format for common use and to communicate them to another Title Holder: f) the right to oppose the treatment of their personal data in the case that such use were to infringe upon their personal situation; g) the right to be unaffected by any automatic decision-making process, including profiling, which would have specific legal implications; h) the right to be informed in the case that their personal data were to be violated in any serious way; i) the right to revoke their agreement to the treatment of their personal information at any moment; j) the right to present a legal claim to the appropriate authority The Interested Party may exercise the above rights by communicating with the Title Holder at the address listed in point 1, above.

9. Nature of the conferral of information and consequences of a refusal to respond. The provision of personal information (name, surname, birth date, address, fiscal code, email address) for the purposes listed above in Art. 3b is necessary and mandatory. Without that information the Title Holder would not be able to provide the Interested Party with the services they request.